About CADAprograms

CADAprograms Motto

I am a special person.

I believe I can achieve.

I am a person of greatness.

My homework is a priority.

I exhibit excellence in all I do and all I receive.

I am a CADAprograms student!

Mission Statement

 To provide meaningful: educational, environmental, family sustainability, and food security opportunities to children, adults and families in a safe environment while revitalizing the community. 

Vision Statement

To secure resources to prepare residents of North Versailles and surrounding communities to compete in a global economy.

Children and Adults Developmental Agency Programs (CADAprograms)

A place where children and adults blossom. Where children and adults can express themselves; including Arts and Crafts, games field trips , and more!

Specializing in...

- Homework Assistance

- Cultural Enrichment

- Hot meals 

- Computer skills 

- Writing Skills 

- Exercise, Creativity and Curiosity 

- Cheerful, Wholesome lessons

- Experienced, Loving and Affordable


Homework Assistance Cultural Enrichment Hot meals Computer skills Writing Skills Exercise Creativity and Curiosity Cheerful Wholesome lessons Experienced Loving and Affordable

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